What is a Greenhouse Used For?

Greenhouses are an excellent way to cultivate gardens, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, but they can also be used as a sunroom, personal sanctuary, and more! EZ Greenhouses are the perfect addition to your backyard and will quickly become your favorite outdoor living space! 


Sunroom popularity has risen exponentially in the last few years. They provide your home with the ideal area where you can relax, bask in the sun, and enjoy the view of your backyard. Adding a sunroom to your home offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Year-round natural light: Greenhouses allow ample natural sunlight to flow in, which creates a bright, inviting space. The polycarbonate panels maximize sunlight exposure inside the greenhouse, which promotes a sense of openness and connection with your backyard. 
  • Extended living space: A greenhouse sunroom adds an additional living area to your home, which serves as a serene spot for relaxation, reading, drinking a cup of coffee, and more. 

Personal Sanctuary 

Greenhouses are perfect as a personal sanctuary where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty around you. 

Therapeutic Gardening 

Greenhouses provide a therapeutic space for gardening enthusiasts. Cultivating plants and tending to flowers promotes relaxation and reduces stress. 

Meditative Space

The serene environment of a greenhouse creates an ideal setting for meditation, mindfulness, and reflection. Surrounded by nature and the scent of blooming flowers, you can find solace and achieve a sense of inner calm. 


Greenhouses can also become artistic retreats, inspiring creativity and imagination. The vibrant colors and beauty of growing plants and blooming flowers inspire artists, writers, and photographers. 


The most popular use for greenhouses is gardening because of their many benefits. 

Extended Growing Season

Greenhouses create an environment of perfect temperature and humidity so plants can be grown earlier than usual, and the growing season can be extended until the colder months. This provides the opportunity to have fresh produce available throughout the year, regardless of the changes in weather. 

Start Seeds Early and Inside 

Due to the ever-changing nature of the weather, it can be challenging to plan when to start planting seeds. A greenhouse solves this problem by regulating the climate and allowing for earlier planting. 

Expand Diversity of Vegetables and Flowers

Greenhouses provide a perfect environment for growing a wider selection of vegetation, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They can even be used to test the viability of growing more exotic plants that wouldn't survive in a typical outdoor climate. 

Protection from Extreme Weather

Greenhouses create a safe and sheltered environment for plants to grow and thrive, which shields them from any harm that could be caused by harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, hail, snow, high winds, and extreme heat. 

Protection from Pests

Greenhouses offer a safe haven for plants from the destructive forces of insects, animals, and other creatures that can harm them, which allows plants to grow and thrive without the possibility of being affected by pests. 

Healthier and Faster-Growing Plants

Greenhouses provide a controlled environment that allows plants to thrive. With warmer soil temperatures and more consistent conditions than outside, more seeds will sprout, and seedlings will be stronger, resulting in a healthier crop. 

Maintain Consistent Moisture and Temperature

Greenhouses provide a customizable atmosphere for your plants to thrive, with controllable temperatures, humidity, and air circulation. With the ability to adjust the nutrients and water intake, you can ensure your plants receive the proper nourishment and hydration. 

EZ Greenhouses

8 x 8 Greenhouse

The 8 x 8 EZ Greenhouse is the smallest option and perfect if you have a small space but still want a designated area to grow plants and flowers. 

Dimensions: 96 1/4" L x 96" W x 115" H 

Weight: 550 LBS

8 x 8 EZ Greenhouse

8 x 12 Greenhouse

The 8 x 12 EZ Greenhouse is 96 square feet, which provides lots of room to grow and extra space for storing your gardening supplies. 

Dimensions: 144 3/8" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 700 LBS

8 x 12 EZ Greenhouse

8 x 16 Greenhouse

The 8 x 16 EZ Greenhouse is 128 square feet, which gives you plenty of space to grow vegetation and have extra space left for storage. 

Dimensions: 192 1/2" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 850 LBS

8 x 16 EZ Greenhouse

8 x 20 Greenhouse

The 8 x 20 EZ Greenhouse is the best option if you have a lot of space to fill in your backyard. A generous 160 square feet offer plenty of room for a large garden and enough storage space to keep your supplies in one organized spot. 

Dimensions: 240 5/8" L x 96" W x 115" H

Weight: 1,000 LBS

8 x 20 EZ Greenhouse

What's Included With EZ Greenhouses?

EZ Greenhouses are made with hand-selected, Grade A, pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber. The roof and walls of the greenhouse are made out of 8-millimeter multi-wall polycarbonate, which has excellent strength against UV radiation and is twelve times lighter than regular glass. 

An exhaust fan with a thermospeed controller is also included, which allows you to create the perfect growing environment and climate for your plants. 

EZ Greenhouses are designed to fit together seamlessly, with all parts milled, sanded, cut, and notched to perfection. Additionally, the walls and roof panels are already put together, making the assembly process a breeze! 


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