EZ Greenhouse is proud to offer a 5 Year Warranty on our Green Houses and accessories. This includes our Greenhouses, tables and work benches. 

1. We guarantee all pressure treated, southern yellow pine wood will not rot or become termite infested if installation instructions and upkeep procedures are followed. 

2. We guarantee that all vinyl will not crack or yellow over time. 

3. Should rot, termite damage, cracking or yellowing occur during the 5 year limited warranty, EZ Greenhouse will supply new structural components to replace the damaged sections. 

4. Warranty is voided if the structure is relocated from the delivery location. 

5. Registered warranties are non-transferable. 

6. Warranty period starts from the date of purchase. 

Normal wear and tear will occur as your structure is used. EZ Greenhouse is not responsible to replace or repair items that have been damaged by occurrences such as, wind, rain, snow, hail, fire, and any other acts of God.