From Grass To Gardens

Our mission is to turn grass into gardens by way of our EZ Greenhouses. We believe that having a backyard full of plants and vegetables is not only beautiful and fulfilling, but also good for the environment. A grass lawn may look beautiful, but it requires a lot of water, fertilizer, and maintenance to keep it looking lush. When you replace your grass with a garden, you can reduce water usage, lower your carbon footprint, and even provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. Plus, growing your own food can save you money and provide you with fresh, organic produce that's healthier for you and your family. Planting seeds without a greenhouse can be difficult, and plants can be costly. We concluded that an economical greenhouse that was easy for two people to put together was the perfect solution to help families across the country join us in our mission to turn grass into gardens and create a greener, more sustainable world!

Amish Made in the USA

Amish craftsmen are masters at building quality products, which is why we only use the knowledge and skill level of Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania, USA.

Our greenhouses are built by Amish craftsmen with pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine, which is why it guarantees resistance against rot and termites. Every piece of your greenhouse is crafted with careful precision, quality materials and craftsmanship.

Grow Your Dream Garden

Family Gardening in Greenhouse Family Gardening in Greenhouse

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